Optoelectronic Handwheel MHO

Premium handwheel in Ø80 mm housing with excellent haptics and 100 detents for very precise and tactile setpoint adjustment

  • Ø80 mm handwheel with crank
  • High quality solid construction
  • Metal ring / crank
  • Resolution 25 or 100 ppr., 100 detents
  • Protection class IP52
  • NPN transistor output
  • 5V power supply
  • Screw terminals
Data sheet
Sensor technology Optical Encoder
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Functions / Features With adjustment knob and 100 detents
Resolution max. 100 ppr.
Output signal Incremental
Electrical connection Terminal connection, Axial
Protection class Up to IP52
Mounting Threaded holes
Housing depth min. 27 mm
High quality and extremely solid construction - perfection in ... more
Product description: Optoelectronic Handwheel MHO

High quality and extremely solid construction - perfection in detail

The premium MHO series handwheel is the first choice when other handwheels cannot match the high quality of the application. It is ideal for entering important setpoints in centralized applications or environments where a visually and technically sophisticated solution is required. These could be, for example, control bridges on ships or control rooms in power stations, as well as large, complex machinery. Wherever a high level of precision and tactility is required, combined with high quality design. The heavy and solid construction of the MHO in Ø80 mm housing with an operating ring and a metal crank emphasizes the central character of an application.
The handwheel allows precise and fast setpoint adjustment. The handwheel does not stop abruptly when the crank or knob is released, but continues to turn for a short time. The mechanical detent is clearly visible on the knob and is divided into 100 steps. The input device is available in silver with a resolution of 25 or 100 pulses per revolution.

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