Miniature incremental encoder MOT6

Incremental encoder in very compact Ø6 mm housing and high resolution for use in miniaturized devices

Resolution: 1024 ppr.
Protection class: IP40
Sensor technology: Optical Encoder
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Incremental
Shaft diameter: 1,50 mm
Housing diameter: 6 mm
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Connection type: Ribbon cable with FPC connector

The optical rotary encoder series MOT6 in very compact Ø5 mm housing is for applications, where a sensor with high degree of miniaturization, high resolution and customer-friendly mounting is important.

The MOT6 is characterized by very small dimensions. It is particularly suitable for use in miniaturized devices. Typical fields of application are medical robots, medical devices and special robots. The incremental encoder with A, B, Z channels and 1024 ppr., an operating voltage of 3.2 V and NPN voltage output allows easy connection to customer electronics via the included board with mating connectors.

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