Singleturn encoder on Hall basis

Magnetic (Hall) encoders up to 360°

These types of magnetic encoders detect angles up to 360° on a Hall-effect basis and are therefore called single-turn encoders. The measured values are recorded without contact. This means without any mechanical or electrical contact between shaft and evaluation electronics.  The sensor technology therefore works wear-free, has an almost infinite lifespan, which is only limited by the mechanics.

The sensor principle provides constant, reliable measurement results over the entire lifespan of the application and offers numerous advantages. Encoders with modern Hall chips are largely insensitive to external magnetic fields or temperature changes. The wide selection of electronic interfaces opens up numerous application areas and some types even allow direct parameterization by the customer on site.

Take advantage of the wide range of variants in the MEGATRON product range and decide on the right Hall encoder for your design-in. For demanding applications, technical product adaptation is often required. MEGATRON is your specialist for these cases. With high delivery reliability and assured quality products, we rely on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire service life of your application.

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