HTx36E ‐ True-power-on CAN, SSI or incremental

Cutting-edge, high-resolution True-Power-On Hall encoder with solid or hollow shaft

Absolute encoder version:

  • CANopen, CAN SAE J1939, SSI
  • Battery- and gear-less true-power-on technology
  • Singleturn resolution up to 16 bit / multiturn up to 43 bit

Incremental encoder version:

  • Available from 1 to 16384 ppr ex works
  • Optional user-parameterizable index pulse (Z) position
CANopenCANj1939SSI gray signalincrementalDifferentialProtection class IP65
Data sheet
Resolution max. 16 bit (singleturn), 43 bit (multiturn) / max. 16384 ppr
Functions / Features Hollow shaft, True Power ON, Teach-In function, Metal housing
Output signal CANopen, CAN SAE J1939, Incremental, SSI
Protection class Shaft IP65, Housing IP67
Sensor technology 3D Hall
Shaft diameter 6.00 mm, 6.35 mm, 8.00 mm
Housing diameter 36 mm
Mounting Servo flange, Threaded holes
Electrical connection Axial, Radial, Cable, Connector
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 3.2·10^15 Degrees (multiturn resolution max. 43 bit)
Housing depth min. 43 mm / max. 47 mm
The electronics of the HTx36E rotary encoders represent the ... more
Product description: HTx36E ‐ True-power-on CAN, SSI or incremental

The electronics of the HTx36E rotary encoders represent the today's technically feasible in the field of contactless rotary encoders with gradient-based magnetic measurement technology. They are the spearhead tip in MEGATRON's magnetic rotary encoder program, and they are the top product in terms of resolution/precision, even when measuring the highest possible angles.

This is what HTx36E encoders stand for

For absolute rotary encoders:

  • The battery and gear-less energy harvesting multiturn true-power-on measurement-method
  • The available high single and multiturn resolutions for fine-graded measurement results
  • The high system accuracy for the most precise measurement results   

For incremental rotary encoders:

  • Resolution from 1 to 16384 pulses per revolution (ppr), within this range free order-able number of increments in one increment stepwidth
  • As an option, index pulse (Z) position can be set by the customer in the application

The low system error and the gear-less and battery-free multiturn true-power-on sensors are based on patented technologies. To ensure the high system accuracy, each rotary encoder is automatically harmonized to a normal before leaving the factory.

The patented battery- and gearless energy harvesting multiturn method ensures that the encoder counts the revolutions of the encoder shaft correctly even when the encoder is in a de-energized state.

The digital fieldbus and communication interfaces CANopen, SAE J1939 and SSI standing for a reliable and digital transfer of the measured values to the evaluation unit and guarantee a trouble-free integration and monitoring of the rotary encoder as a part of the application.

For measurement value transmission, HTx36E rotary encoders in resolution level high are only available in combination with digital or incremental interfaces. Compared to analogue transmission, this ensures that the measured values can be transmitted to the customer and evaluated precisely enough.

Of course, high-quality encoder electronics are of no use if the encoder mechanics do not stand up to the high demands. The HTx36E rotary encoder family is one of the most robust rotary encoder products with magnetic sensor technology in the MEGATRON´s product range, thanks to the robust metal housing and the double ball-bearing including the stainless steel shaft.

HTx36E encoders are maximum durable within their specifications and leave potentiometric sensors far behind them in terms of durability, continuous actuating shaft speeds and the stability and repeatability of the measured values. Even in terms of service life, the robust optical measurement value acquisition technology loses in the direct comparison.

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Tutorial PCAN PEAK CANopen Read Set Node ID


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