Rotary Encoder HTx25

Hall Effect angle encoders HTx25

Rotary encoder in Ø25 mm metal housing with numerous electronical and mechanical options

Absolute encoder:

  • Single- or multiturn, also redundant, optionally as Teach-In-Encoder (field-programmable)
  • Analogue: Voltage/current output, PWM - 12 bit
  • Digital: SSI (10 to 18 bit), SPI (14 bit)

Incremental encoder:

  • A, B, Z as OpenCollector, TTL, Push-Pull signal outputs
  • Free selection of the number of pulses (max. 20,000 ppr)
SSI gray signalVDCmAPWM signalincrementalSerial SPI/SERProtection class IP65
Resolution Analogue 12 bit, SSI 10-18 bit, SPI 14 bit, incremental max. 20.000 ppr.
Functions / Features Without mech. stop, Teach-In function, Metal housing
Output signal Analogue, Incremental, PWM, SSI, SPI
Protection class Up to IP65
Sensor technology Hall technology
Shaft diameter Ø4 or Ø6 standard (option ≤Ø6.35 mm)
Housing diameter 25 mm
Mounting Servo flange, Threaded holes
Electrical connection Axial, Radial, Cable, Connector
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 72000°
Housing depth min. 35 mm / max. 51.7 mm
Product description: Hall Effect angle encoders HTx25

HTx25 encoder - robust, compact shaft encoder with ball bearing

The encoders of the HTx25 series are specially designed for applications in demanding environments with limited space. The contactless encoders in the Ø25 mm metal housing can be precisely matched to the respective area of application thanks to their numerous electronic and mechanical options. Whether as incremental or absolute value encoders, they cover a wide range of applications and, depending on the output electronics, are used in systems, laboratory devices and medical devices, for example.

The HTx25 is the smallest metal-housed rotary encoder in the MEGATRON product range. They feature a solid aluminium housing, a high IP protection and a stainless steel shaft pivoted by two ball-bearings that allow for high actuation speeds. The signal processing is digital and based on latest Hall sensor technology that ensure reliable magnetic recording of measured values. The gradient-based evaluation ensures high interference immunity, e.g. against temperature fluctuations and EMC influences. The encoders are designed for maximum service life and even surpass optical data acquisition.

In addition to many standard options, the modular system of the HTx25 encoders enables optimal adaptation to the respective requirements of the application. In addition, the concept also allows timely customer-specific adjustments (even in small series) based on a clearly structured price model. Typical modifications are, for example, customer-specific shaft geometries, custom signal output functions, special cable lengths or individually assembled electrical connection cables.

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