Parameterizable singleturn Hall effect rotary encoder ETA25PS

Customizable programmable rotary encoders with analogue output – only one rotary encoder for various angles of rotation

  • Only one rotary encoder for various demands
  • Integrated switches for angular range, sense of rotation and voltage supply for on site parameterization
  • High quality and long life
  • Short delivery time
  • Engineered and Made in Germany
Data sheet
Sensor technology Hall Effect Encoder
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Functions / Features Teach-In function, Without mech. stop
Resolution Absolute 12 bit
Output signal Analogue
Electrical connection Radial, Solder contacts, Terminal connection
Protection class IP40
Mounting Bushing
Shaft diameter 6.00 mm, 6.35 mm
Housing diameter 25 mm
Housing depth min. 18.8 mm
The programmable sensor ETA25PS can be easily parameterized by ... more
Product description: Parameterizable singleturn Hall effect rotary encoder ETA25PS

The programmable sensor ETA25PS can be easily parameterized by the customer to the desired angle measuring range. The customer can choose; the operating voltage, the starting and ending angle as well as the rotary sense.

Only one device for different rotation angles, easy parameterizable on site. These are the main advantages of the singleturn encoder ETA25PS in combination with the selection of the supply voltage and the rotating sense. Thus, the exact adjustment of the parameters is ensured during startup in the application. This makes it easy for the end user to set up on-site measurements and simplifies logistics, because only one single angle encoder fulfils already different requirements. The ETA25PS detects angles from 0…20° to 0…360 °C with an absolute resolution of 12 bits at 360°. With the integrated switches for parameterization it is possible to define the rotary sense (CW / CCW) and to choose the operating voltages 5 V, 3.3 V or 24 V. Thanks to the compact housing diameter of 25 mm and its Ø6 mm or Ø6.35 mm shaft diameter, the angle sensor suits ideally e.g. for use in drive units as position feedback. In combination with the high durability, the sum of all properties offers an excellent price / performance ratio.

As an interface, a radial output relative to the housing is provided for electrical connection to the PCB. It is also possible to solder clamping terminals on the PCB for a plug-in connection. Customized adaptations such as other shaft geometries, ex works ready-made cable assemblies, radial plug output, special plugs, current saving mode <1mA as well as a mechanical stop can be realized on request.

The ETA25PM is available for application where a multiturn encoder is needed.

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