Hall effect encoders ETx25

Reliable encoders with numerous electronic and mechanical options for optimum connection to the application

  • Versatile rotary encoder series
  • Various connection possibilities and output signals
  • High quality and durability
  • Short delivery times
  • Engineered and Made in Germany
VDCmAPWM signalincrementalSerial SPI/SERProtection class IP66
Resolution Incremental ≥ 1024 ppr, Absolute 12 Bit, Absolute 14 Bit
Functions / Features Without mech. stop, With mech. stop, With detent
Output signal Analogue, Serial, Incremental, PWM, SPI
Protection class Up to IP66
Sensor technology Hall Effect Encoder
Shaft diameter 6.00 mm, 6.35 mm
Housing diameter 25 mm
Mounting Bushing
Electrical connection Radial, Solder contacts, Cable, Terminal connection
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Housing depth min. 18.8 mm
ETx25 encoders are suitable for applications where a long ... more
Product description: Hall effect encoders ETx25

ETx25 encoders are suitable for applications where a long lifespan and optimal adaptability of the sensor to the application are important.

The ETx25 family of Hall-effect encoders is characterized by its high reliability as well as lifespan of over 100 million revolutions and an independent linearity of up to ±0.3%. The encoders detect angles without contact and have a highly hardened and tempered metal sleeve bearing. The sensor in Ø25 mm housing with Ø6 mm or 6.35 mm (1/4 ") shaft is fixed in the application by means of a central thread (AF14 hex nut and a tooth washer, both included in scope of delivery). A comfortable selection of electrical connection possibilities via solder, - clamp, - round, - or flat ribbon cables are available. It can be chosen between following electronics:

ETA25 singleturn absolute encoder (ETA25X redundant version):
Provides an absolute analogue signal with 12 bit resolution. For safety and critical applications, the ETA25X offers a galvanically isolated and redundant electronic (see ETA25X series in the data sheet).

ETA25PM, Teach-In-Encoder, programmable multiturn or singleturn absolute encoder:
Field-Programmable (Teach-in)-Encoder for angles of rotation up to 72000° (200 revolutions), can also be used as a singleturn encoder with Teach-in. Resolution 12 bit, with current or voltage output. Teach-in can be performed on site using a simple programming circuit.

ETI25 singleturn incremental encoder:
With up to 1024 pulses / per revolution and availability of following output signals: TTL, Push-Pull or Open Collector

ETS25 serial singleturn angle encoder:
14 bit resolution with SPI interface, redundantly available for SPI (ETS25X series)

ETP25 PWM singleturn encoder:
With PWM output

The wide selection of electronics variants for different voltage supplies as well as the multitude of electrical interfaces for the output of measured values make it possible to integrate ETx25 encoders optimally into the application. In addition, the encoders can be customized. But already on the basis of the order matrices in the data sheets, hundreds of possible combinations can be realized at short notice. Popular options are, for example

  • changes the sense of rotation from CW (clockwise) to CCW (counterclockwise),
  • user-defined rotation angles
  • a shaft seal for increased IP protection
  • increased actuation torque against unintentional adjustment due to vibrations. Also offers a high-quality feel for use as a setpoint adjuster
  • optionally with mechanical stop for defined angular values, with or without detent position in middle position (for use as setpoint adjuster/panel encoder)
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