Load cells in mobile machines

Steering support for transport trolleys: Changing the direction by pulling or pushing with KM1403

A guide grip is pulled or pushed to control the steering of transport trolleys. If you pull it backwards, the trolley reverses, and if you push it, the vehicle moves forwards. If you pull the grip upwards, the vehicle takes a left turn, and if you push it downwards, it turns right. Acceleration works the same way as with a motorcycle.

This simple steering concept would not be possible without the right kind of load cell. The force applied to the handle is measured by a MEGATRON KM1403 S-beam load cell. Steering is controlled with servo support in proportion to the force applied. Thus, utilizing a small force makes it possible to move heavy loads with great precision – and it makes the operators’ job much easier. As opposed to joystick-based control, mechanical displacement of the control stick is not necessary in this application. This allows the driver to keep a firm grip on the handle. The S-beam load cell is able to detect input forces with hardly any mechanical displacement, thus ensuring safe handling. MEGATRON customized the load cell’s cables and plugs for this application.

Our contribution to the application

  • High-precision load cell that converts minute forces into steering commands
  • Customized plug connector for ease of assembly
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