S-Beam load cell KM1403

S-beam force transducer with M8 thread up to 1 kN in IP54 suitable for industrial scales, batching and packaging systems

  • Strain gauge principle
  • Aluminium alloy
  • Force transmission via M8-thread for 50N…1kN
  • IP54 protection
  • Easy to install, stable and reliable
DMS Wheatstone bridge circuitmV/V signalCompressionTension
Data sheet Product enquiry
Design S-Beam
Nominal Load 50 N, 100 N, 200 N, 500 N, 1 kN
Direction of Force Tension and Compression
Output Signal 2,0 mV/V
Protection Class IP54
Amplifier Without Amplifier
The KM1403 series force transducers have the same dimensions for ... more