Sensors for material handling

Material handling

Sensors and joysticks play a vital role in the safety and efficiency of industrial trucks. From precise joysticks for optimum manoeuvrability to intelligent sensors, we offer a comprehensive range to control and monitor your application.


Typical applications:

  • Steering angle sensors for autonomous industrial trucks
  • Joysticks for controlling autonomous trucks during maintenance or malfunction
Sensors for material handling
Application examples

At MEGATRON, we are pleased to be able to contribute to the increasing digitalization of warehouses. Automated logistics systems in particular require numerous sensors, with autonomous driverless transport vehicles playing a central role. In addition to sensors for sensing the environment, these vehicles also require speed and steering angle sensors. In addition, control units with industrial joysticks are often required for emergency operation.


Material handling applications

Heavy duty joysticks

For use in mobile cranes, agricultural loaders and forklift trucks

Joystick grand TRY50
  • The joystick withstands high loads
  • With USB, CAN SAE J1939-71 or CANOpen interfaces
Joystick TRY50

When working outdoors in the elements and the control unit is located outside a protected enclosure, outdoor joysticks with a high degree of protection are the tools of choice. The TRY50 series of Hall-effect joysticks are available in waterproof and dirt-proof versions to IP68. In addition to the standard analogue output signals, this series is also available with a USB or CANbus (CAN J1939 or CANopen) interface. Customers can also choose from a variety of joystick handles and custom functions. We will be happy to help you find the right product and advise you on the options for adapting the joystick to your specific application.

Steering support for trolleys

Change direction by pulling or pushing with KM1403

S-Beam load cell KM1403
  • High-precision load cell that converts tiny forces into steering commands
  • Customized connector for easy assembly
S-Beam KM1403

A guide grip is pulled or pushed to control the steering of transport trolleys. Pulling it backwards causes the trolley to reverse and pushing it forwards causes the trolley to move forward. Pulling the grip upwards turns the trolley to the left and pushing it downwards turns it to the right. Acceleration is the same as on a motorcycle.

This simple steering concept would not be possible without the right type of load cell. The force applied to the handle is measured by a MEGATRON KM1403 S-beam load cell. The steering is controlled by servo assistance in proportion to the force applied. This makes it possible to move heavy loads with great precision using a small amount of force - and makes the operator's job much easier. Unlike joystick-based control, there is no need to mechanically move the control stick in this application. This allows the operator to keep a firm grip on the handle. The S-beam load cell is able to detect input forces with almost no mechanical displacement, ensuring safe handling. MEGATRON customized the load cell cables and connectors for this application.

Controlling the rear wheel of a forklift truck

HTA36PM absolute encoder

Rotary encoder HTx36
  • Absolute encoder, with robust IP67 sensor housing for optimum protection against environmental influences
  • Convenient and cost-effective plug connector reduces installation costs
Encoder HTx36

Dirt, snow and splashes of water are all hazards that the electronics and sensors of a forklift truck's rear-wheel drive have to fend off. The sensors located on the underside of the truck are particularly exposed to the environment. For this reason, the housing must have a certain degree of protection to ensure that contact with the elements does not lead to failure of the sensors and thus of the steering. The HTA36PM series absolute encoders used in this application have a robust metal sensor housing and wear-free Hall-effect technology, making them immune to environmental stress. The encoder is built to IP67. Easy mounting is achieved by means of a customized connector. This ensures that the forklift's rear wheel steering is correctly centred at all times and in all weather conditions.