Rotary encoders and panel encoders for mobile machines

Convenient, robust, reliable and precise

MEGATRON delivers precise and fail-safe technology for use in a very wide range of mobile machines. Whether you need robust and precise absolute encoders, accurate wire-wound potentiometers or anything in-between – we have the right technology for your application. Our robust metal rotary encoders are built for applications where the sensor needs to be protected from environmental stress, such as gravel impact. Grease or washers are used to ward off moisture and dust, as is the case with our rotary encoders, which have a plastic housing.

In other solutions, the electronic components are completely surrounded by a moulded synthetic resin casing. This ensures compliance with the required IP protection class. Because our rotary encoders are so great at adapting to the required application, they reach their full potential when used in specialist applications or in devices with limited installation space. Our experts are happy to provide advice about which products are best suited to your application.

HTA36PM absolute encoder is protected from dust and dirt – for controlling the rear wheel of a forklift

Dirt, snow and splashes of water are hazards that must be warded off by the electronics and the sensor components of a forklift’s rear-wheel drive. The sensors located on the underbody of the forklift are particularly exposed to environmental influences. For this reason, the casing must meet a certain protection class to ensure that contact with the elements does not cause a failure of the sensors and thus of the steering. The series HTA36PM absolute encoder used in the application features a sturdy metal sensor housing and wear-free Hall-effect technology, rendering it immune to environmental stress. The construction of the absolute encoder conforms with protection class IP67. Simple assembly is achieved by means of a customer-specific plug connector. This guarantees a proper central position of the forklift rear-wheel steering at all times and in any weather.

Our contribution to the application

  • Absolute encoder featuring a robust IP67-compliant sensor housing for optimum protection from environmental impact
  • Convenient and cost-effective plug connector reduces assembly costs

Reliable and precise manual setting of the cutting depth with RP19 – for a road construction machine (milling excavator)

Dust, dirt and strong vibrations are particularly detrimental to the functionality of sensors. Despite these hazards, setting and operating the roadwork machine must be made as simple, precise and reliable as possible. Due to the vibrations and the fact that the machine operator wears gloves, the control unit needs to have a comfortable grip and the perfect level of rotational resistance, so that it is ‘noticeable’. The wire-wound potentiometers, which are part of the RP19 product series, are particularly suitable for this task as they feature an excellent, customizable snap-in mechanism. This snap-in quality of the rotary knob is readily perceptible at the control unit, even through gloves. In order to protect the sensor array from intruding dust and moisture, we have equipped the wire-wound potentiometer with a washer. Vibrations are absorbed by a corrugated disk that we insert as an added precaution. The axis length of the wire-wound potentiometer has been adjusted to facilitate assembly with the control knob through the control panel. Thanks to this optimized MEGATRON rotary knob design, the machine is ‘good to cut’. The cutting depth can then be set manually as required, in a precise and reliable manner.

Our contribution to the application

  • Optimized haptics and rotational resistance ensure perfect operation under extreme conditions
  • The wire-wound potentiometer is sealed off for heavy-duty operation in wet and dirty environments
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