MEGATRON mobile machine solutions

Heavy-duty applications require particularly robust components. Especially when it comes to driven machines such as those used in farming, construction, forestry and for municipal purposes, the going can get rather dirty and rough as the mobile machines are subjected to the elements and to environmental conditions. Heat, dirt, water, snow, ice and dust – it all combines with vibrations and jolting to put stress on the vehicles. The sensors and control unit of the machine must be able to withstand all this punishment. The wide range of MEGATRON multi-purpose joysticks and control sticks for mobile machines are more than up to the task. Our portfolio also includes a large selection of rotary encoders and panel encoders for use in municipal vehicles, and a very wide range of construction and farming machines. Our specialists are familiar with the requirements specific to your line of business and can provide you with expert advice.

Examples of typical applications:

  • Robust joysticks in mobile machines
  • Rotary encoders and manual knobs integrated into panels
  • Precision potentiometers for road construction machinery
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