Rotary encoders for drives

Compact, consistent and reliable

MEGATRON rotary encoders for drive applications are characterized by their compact design and optimized connection options. Our rotary angle sensors deliver a robust bearing base, high signal quality and long-lived sensor technology.

This means you can rest assured that MEGATRON rotary encoders are an excellent and cost-efficient choice, providing compact dimensions as well as consistent and reliable operation.

ETA25PM flexible and configurable multi-turn encoder – for actuator drives in ventilation and shading systems

Programmable multi-turn rotary encoders, which are part of the ETA25PM series, are ideal for implementing window drive systems in greenhouses. The compact rotary encoder is capable of the absolute detection of up to 200 rotations, so that even during construction, the need for a gear stage can be ruled out. As drives are generally offered with a set rotational speed, you would normally need to stock up on multiple kinds of rotary encoder to ensure that you have the suitable rotational range for the application at hand. Or you could simply use our rotary angle sensor: It can be programmed to deliver various electrically effective rotational ranges from 0° to 72000°. This means that a single component or rotary encoder type can be used for any application, simply by setting the required angle of rotation.
The multi-turn rotary encoder delivers a high resolution and thus facilitates extremely precise positioning. It reliably transmits a high-quality signal without interruptions. Since the multi-turn rotary encoder from MEGATRON operates without a mechanical end stop, accidentally exceeding the measuring range, which may occur during start-up of the drive, will not destroy the rotary angle sensor. The contact-free measuring principle does not rely on a drag contact, so there is no mechanical wear. This results in a very high sensor service life and reliable operation.
A single rotary angle sensor suffices to ensure correct window repositioning using the drive. These qualities make the ETA25PM series magnetic rotary encoders the ideal product for flexibly adjustable drives.

Our contribution to the application

  • Multi-turn rotary encoder saves on the need for a gear stage and thus helps to lower the drive costs
  • Programmable rotary encoder reduces the customer’s process and storage costs
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