Programmable multiturn Hall Effect angle encoder ETA25PM

Mutliturn rotary encoders with analogue output - a rotary encoder for various angles of rotation

The programmable multiturn sensor ETA25PM can be parameterized by the customer on site to the desired angular measuring range and sense of rotation up to 10.000 times.

Resolution: Absolute 12 Bit
Protection class: Up to IP66
Sensor technology: Hall Effect Encoder
Measurement range: Multiturn
Output signal: Analog
Shaft diameter: 6,00 mm
Housing diameter: 25 mm
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Connection type: Terminal connection on sensor, Ribbon cable, Round cable

Only one device for different angles of rotation, sense of rotations direct parameterizable on site. These advantages enable the user the possibilities to set up the ETA25PM multiturn encoder to the requirements of the application on site. Only one angle encoder device for different requirements is needed, which can be parameterized almost as often as required. The ETA25PM measures angles from 0…10° up to 0..72000° (absolute). The ETA25PM is available until protection class IP66 and has a long durability of more than 100 million shaft revolutions. The compact sensor in the 25 mm housing with Ø6 mm or Ø6.35 mm shaft diameter is e.g. optimally suited for use in drive units as position feedback. Customized adaptations of the shaft geometry, cable assembly or connections can be realized on request. The encoder can be parameterized under use of the programming manual. A variant of the ETA25PM with integrated buttons for angle programming and sense of rotation is available on request.

For applications where a singleturn encoder is required the ETA25PS is available.

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