Shear Beam force sensor KM200-10N
Shear Beam force sensor KM200-50N

Shear beam KM200

Shear beams in very small designs in IP65 with aluminum body for 10 N and 50 N

  • Very compact design
  • Robust load cell in aluminium
  • Very small off center load error (typ. 0,02%/mm)
Design Shear Beam
Nominal Load From 0..10 N to 0..50 N
Direction of Force Tension and Compression
Output Signal 0,6 mV/V, 1,2 mV/V
Amplifier Without Amplifier
Protection Class IP65
Product description: Shear beam KM200

Series KM200 force sensors are double bending beam sensors and due to this shape less sensitive to excentric force application. This sensors are offered without built in amplifier, but could be combined with external amplifiers and panel meters.

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