Shear Beam force sensor KM801

Shear Beam KM801

Compact shear beam with steel body for capacities up to 5 kN

  • Nickel-plated steel load cell
  • Tight design
  • Calibration with test certificate
DMS Wheatstone bridge circuit
Design Shear Beam
Nominal Load From 0..2 kN to 0..5 kN
Direction of Force Tension and Compression
Output Signal 2,0 mV/V
Amplifier Without Amplifier
Protection Class IP40
Product description: Shear Beam KM801

Series KM801 force sensors are double bending beam sensors and characterized by its tight shape and its easy way of fastening. It could be fixed with 2 screws at any flat and stable ground. Force application is vertical to sensor-axis.

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