Hybrid Potentiometers

Multiturn potentiometers up to 3600° with hybrid resistance element

Hybrid potentiometers are multi-turn potentiometers for measuring ranges up to 3600° and have the advantages of conductive plastic potentiometers in terms of signal quality, resolution and lifespan. They are a hybrid solution between wirewound and conductive plastic potentiometers.

The resistance element of hybrid potentiometers consists of a wire-wound resistor element which is covered with conductive plastic. This technology provides a measuring range of up to 3600° and the benefits of conductive plastic. The conductive plastic layer suppresses the stepped voltage output of wirewound elements and produces a continuous signal without steps.

Hybrid potentiometers should be operated at lower current loads than wirewound potentiometers. As with all conductive plastic potentiometers, the wiper current must be kept as low as possible. A voltage divider circuit should therefore be used. We are happy to carry out product specific adjustments for optimum "design-in" in the particular application.