Hybrid potentiometer AL24

High-resolution and long-lasting multi-turn potentiometer with very low signal noise in 20 mm housing

Sensor technology: Hybrid Potentiometer
Effective electrical angle of rotation: max. 3600°
Functions / Features: With mech. stop, Opt. limit switch, Opt. rear shaft, Opt. multiganged/ tandem
Resolution: Nearly infinite
Output signal: Analog
Mounting: Bushing
Shaft diameter: 6,35 mm
Housing diameter: 20 mm
Housing depth: min. 18 mm
Electrical connection: Radial, Solder contacts
Protection class: Up to IP65

The AL24 potentiometers in 20 mm housing are suitable for applications where a long life span and high-resolution multiturn potentiometer is important.

  • Very high-resolution and long-lasting due to hybrid technology
  • Very clean signal - no winding jumps thanks to hybrid technology

The high-resolution precision potentiometers of the AL24 series have a wire-wound resistor element, which is finished with a conductive plastic layer. Thus the so-called winding jumps are omitted and the resolution is almost infinite. Due to the smooth surface of the resistance element, the hybrid potentiometer has a significantly longer life span than wirewound potentiometers.

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