Mulitturn-Hybrid Potentiometer HH21

High-resolution and long-lasting multi-turn potentiometer with very low signal noise in Ø20 mm servo flange housing

  • Very high resolution and durability
  • Clean signal - no winding jumps thanks to hybrid technology
  • Servo flange for precise zero point adjustment
  • Optional center tap, limit switch, slipping clutch and more
Resolution Nearly infinite
Functions / Features With mech. stop, Opt. limit switch, Opt. multiganged/ tandem, Opt. rear shaft
Output signal Analogue
Protection class IP40
Sensor technology Hybrid Potentiometer
Shaft diameter 3.00 mm, 3.17 mm
Housing diameter 20 mm
Mounting Servo flange
Electrical connection Radial, Solder contacts
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 3600°
Housing depth min. 24.5 mm
Product description: Mulitturn-Hybrid Potentiometer HH21

The HH21 potentiometers in Ø20 mm housing are suitable for applications where a durable and very high-resolution multiturn potentiometer with servo flange is required.

The high-resolution precision potentiometers of the HH21 series have a wire-wound resistor element, which is finished with a conductive plastic layer. Thus, the so-called winding jumps are omitted and the resolution is almost infinite. Due to the smooth surface of the resistance element, the hybrid potentiometer has a significantly longer lifespan.

  • Very high-resolution and long-lasting due to hybrid technology
  • Very clean signal - no winding jumps thanks to hybrid technology
  • 2 x ball bearings


  • 3-10 turn
  • Improved linearity
  • Improved resistance tolerance
  • Front shaft adaptation
  • Rear shaft adaption
  • Center tap
  • Tandem potentiometer

We offer many adaptations on request:
Multi ganged potentiometers, limit switch adaptor CW, CCW, special electrical and mechanical angles of rotation, and special resistance and linearity tolerances. Furthermore, we can mount gear wheels or attach cable assemblies with or without connectors and much more.
Please use our request form and describe your application, so we can determine the optimal product for your design-in

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