ICS Integrated circuits as counters

Integrated circuits as counters and for the control of counters

ICS - can be combined with optical rotary encoders and linear sensors with incremental output

Product description: Integrated circuits as counters and for the control of counters

The LS7083/4N allows incremental shaft encoders to drive standard up/down counters. Connect the encoder quadrature outputs to the A and B inputs. The LS7083N outputs can connect directly to the up and down clock inputs of counters such as 74193 or 40193. The next generation Encoder to Counter Interface chips are now available and recommended for new applications (DIP package, LS7183N / LS7184N, or SOIC package, LS7183N-S / LS7184N-S).

The LS7166 is a CMOS, 24-bit counter that can be programmed to operate in several modes. The operating mode is set up by writing control words into internal control registers. There are three 6-bit and one 2-bit control registers for setting up the functional circuit characteristics. In addition to the control registers, there is a 5-bit output status register that indicates the current counter status. The IC communicates with external circuits through an 8-bit three state I/O bus. Control and data words are written into the LS7166 through the bus. In addition to the I/O bus, there are a number of discrete inputs and outputs to facilitate instantaneous hardware-based control functions and instantaneous status indication.

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