Cable holder

Cable holder

Cable holder - easy and fast fixing of cables on the PCB or on the housing

Product description: Cable holder

With plastic cable holders of ELPAC powered by MEGATRON, you lay and fix your cables in a clean and simple way. The versatility of our cable holders hardly limits your mounting requirements. You have the choice between cable holders for gluing, plugging, screwing or as a velcro. Various diameters allow the bundling of one or more round and flat ribbon cables. Also with the lock you have the choice of various functions for example as a cable clamp. Depending on whether you want to permanently fix or loosen your cables or the cable holder - we offer you suitable products for your application. In addition, our cable holders can be used as component holders for cylindrical components.

Advantages of our cable holders:

  • Our cable holders fulfill almost all mounting requirements
  • Permanent or flexible attachment of cables
  • Can be used as a component holder for cylindrical components
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