Rotary encoders and panel encoders for medical applications

Compact, long lived, precise and reliable!

MEGATRON develops tailor-made rotary encoders and angle sensors, as well as offering customized solutions for medical technology. The reliable functionality of MEGATRON encoders makes them suitable for both diagnostic and medical treatment applications. What often makes this field very challenging is the need to provide numerous functions in a very limited space.

With these space constraints, only extremely compact components can be used. We would be happy to provide advice about choosing suitable products. You can rely on the outstanding functionality of our rotary encoders and angle sensors. Excellent components for your complex applications translate into reliable, precise results over the long term.

Examples of typical applications:

  • Precise feedback on the elevation of operating tables
  • Dosage control in anaesthesia machines
  • Encoders for manual input in medical equipment

MOM18: Optical encoder provides reliable and accurate feedback on the height of operating tables

Operating tables are adjusted on demand. This means that the design of the application must allow for quick, easy and smooth height adjustment. In the operating theatre, even a few millimetres can be decisive for the success of an operation. The compact optoelectronic encoder in the MEGATRON MOM18 series meets this requirement by using an optical angle sensor to monitor the height of the operating table. The higher level of dielectric strength required for product approval is built into the unit during production. We have also designed a bespoke, convenient connector for low-cost assembly of the optical encoder. The complete product thus ensures reliable feedback of table height.

Our contribution to the application

  • Convenient and cost-effective connector reduces overall assembly costs
  • Increased dielectric strength - to be on the safe side

MRB: haptically optimized rotary encoder controls the dosage administered by anaesthesia machines

The dose to be administered by anaesthesia machines is generally configured manually. These controls must therefore be highly accurate and provide reliable operation. As an additional precaution, the setting can only be changed when the knob is pushed down. In addition, to meet fire safety requirements, the encoder bearing is lubricated with a special non-flammable, inert industrial grease. The incremental encoders of the MEGATRON MRB series are ideally suited to this application. They can only be turned when the knob is pressed down. The necessary grease has been introduced into the bearing, and an additional washer prevents cleaning agents from penetrating into the interior of the encoder. Special attention was also paid to the assembly of the control knob: The length of the shaft of the encoder had to be adjusted by flattening the tip so that the knob could be fitted accurately and comfortably inside the control panel. The product-specific modifications ensure that the anaesthesia machine is controlled accurately and reliably.

Our contribution to the application

  • Meets safety requirements for reliable operation and fire protection
  • Custom shaft length and flattened tip for best-fit, cost-effective installation

SPM: Highly reliable, sensitive encoders for manual input in medical devices

Manual adjustments in medical devices must be precise and reliable. With the rotary or incremental encoders of the MEGATRON SPM series, we have successfully implemented the requirements of many customers: When turning the knob, the user notices a defined rotation inhibition, which enables simple, comfortable and precise adjustment. In highly sensitive applications, the encoders must be fail-safe. This is achieved with redundant versions, e.g. in duplicate with different numbers of pulses.

Our contribution to the application

  • Special rotational resistance for highly sensitive, precise and accurate manual adjustment
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