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medical technology

OEM solutions for joysticks,
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Sensors in medicine

medical technology

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Sensors in surgery
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MEGATRON in medical technology solutions

Medical technology places very high demands on the equipment used. The systems need to be efficient and failsafe yet easy to operate. Only those MEGATRON products that are particularly powerful and compact are used for the respective medical applications.
As well as offering a broad selection of joysticks and angle sensors for standard applications, we also develop customer-specific solutions for various medical engineering scenarios. The reliable functionality of our joysticks and rotary encoders makes them equally suitable for diagnostics and medical treatment applications. It is common for medical applications to require a large number of functions in a limited space, so highly compact components are of the essence.

Our specialists are familiar with the requirements specific to your line of business and will provide you with expert advice about how to best use MEGATRON products for medical applications. You can rely on the outstanding functionality of our products and on the expertise of our specialists. Using excellent MEGATRON components in your application will translate into reliable, precise results over the long term.

Examples of typical applications:

  • Joysticks for fine positioning of probes in analysis tools and medical devices; controlling MRI tables
  • Rotary encoders for providing feedback for the fine-positioning of, e.g., operating tables and patient beds
  • Precision potentiometers as a feedback component in servo arms for surgical microscopes
  • Rotary encoders for menu input control of anaesthetic machines or devices used in emergency care applications