Joysticks for apparatus engineering solutions

Precise and robust multipurpose joysticks or control sticks are used to control complex equipment in equipment manufacturing applications. If the devices are used outdoors or exposed to dust and moisture, they must meet specific IP protection classes. The robust, multipurpose joysticks can be used not only to operate the measuring unit, but also to control tools built into the measuring system.

To accommodate such complex operations and additional functions in the input unit, our experts add individual functions to the joysticks by integrating special joystick buttons or rocker switches into the multipurpose handle.

Joystick-based control of sewer inspection systems

Sewerage networks are inspected using complex remote-controlled camera vehicles. These are called sewer inspection systems and are controlled by built-in cameras and one or more multipurpose joysticks. Additional functions, such as dedicated joystick buttons, simplify the task. The complex navigation and control procedures inherent in this field of work result in an extremely high level of motion cycles. In other words, the joystick is in constant use and must therefore have a correspondingly long service life.
The mechanical design of MEGATRON's series 844 finger joysticks is ideally suited to this task. These precision finger joysticks are particularly durable and easily meet the demanding requirements. In addition, the contact-free Hall effect sensors in the joystick show no wear.
The low installation depth of the analogue joystick (with optional PWM output) makes it easy to integrate into the control panel. As requested by the customer, we have also adapted the cable length for installation and added a connector. This allows the inspection unit's camera to be conveniently controlled via the joystick, enabling easy and reliable navigation of the sewer network.

Our contribution to the application

  • Integration of additional functions into the joystick for ease of operation
  • Highly robust and accurate joystick, built to withstand a high number of motion cycles
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