Rotary encoders for measuring technology and apparatus engineering applications

Tight installation spaces represent a key challenge in the fields of apparatus engineering and measuring technology. Another challenge is the high level of precision required of the sensors. MEGATRON offers a wide selection of compact and precise rotary encoders with connectors that are easy to assemble and maintain.

The MEGATRON experts are highly familiar with the specific needs of your industry and will provide you with individualized expert advice about choosing the right product for your application scenario.

Opto-electronic encoder MRB for operating mobile ultrasound material testing instruments

One of the key techniques used for analysing (raw) materials involves the use of ultrasound measuring instruments. They are used, for instance, to check the quality of welding seams or to identify spots of corrosion on fuel tanks. Our optoelectronic encoders, which are part of the MRB product series, serve as critical control devices in the measuring instruments used for such tasks. They implement menu control functions and also allow users to adjust the measuring depth. The encoders’ rotary knobs support an incremental as well as a rapid selection mode. In either case, the rotary knob reliably snaps into place at the next setting. Since this mobile device is also used outdoors, the encoder has been equipped with an O-ring to seal off the spindle. To enable assembly through the panel, we adjusted the length of the axis for the control knob. We also attached a connector to the cable end to facilitate servicing. As a result, this MEGATRON encoder facilitates the intuitive operation of the measuring device.

Our contribution to the application

  • The rotary knob’s snap-in mechanism means that the setting can be changed with ease and precision – both quickly and slowly
  • The spindle is sealed off, which makes the device suitable for outdoor use
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