Sensors for Instrumentation


Benefit from precise measurements, improved accuracy and optimized performance. Use our sensors and joysticks for your applications and lift the quality of your measurements to a new level. Always one step ahead, always perfectly matched to your needs. Whether you need high accuracy, fast response or ruggedness, we have the perfect solution. Benefit from our wide range of sensors and joysticks that simplify and improve your measurements.


Typical applications:

  • Encoders and manual adjusters for operating high quality signal generators and RF instruments
  • Joysticks for fine positioning of measuring instruments
  • Miniature displacement transducers in press-in depth measurement devices
Sensors Instrumentation
Application examples

At MEGATRON, we are passionate about developing solutions at the highest level in the demanding measurement market. As a supplier of high quality, reliable sensors that are optimally matched to the application, we make our contribution to precision.

Encoder Applications

Instrumentation applications

Optoelectronic encoder MRB

For the operation of mobile ultrasonic materials testing equipment

Optoelectronic Manual Encoder MRS
  • The rotary knob's snap-in mechanism means that the setting can be changed easily and accurately - both quickly and slowly
  • The spindle is sealed, making it suitable for outdoor use

One of the most important techniques for analysing (raw) materials is the use of ultrasonic instruments. They are used, for example, to check the quality of welds or to detect corrosion on fuel tanks. Our optoelectronic encoders, part of the MRB range, act as critical control devices in the instruments used for such tasks. They implement menu control functions and also allow the user to adjust the depth of measurement. The rotary knobs on the encoders support both incremental and fast selection modes. In either case, the knob snaps back into place for the next setting. As this mobile unit will be used outdoors, the encoder is fitted with an O-ring to seal the spindle. To allow mounting through the panel, we adjusted the length of the knob shaft. We also added a connector at the end of the cable to make servicing easier. As a result, this MEGATRON encoder facilitates intuitive operation of the measuring device.