Rotary encoders and linear sensors for automation solutions

Controlling a compensating roller with a rotary shaft encoder and a displacement sensor

Compensating rollers are used, for example, in print shops to compensate for fluctuations in the web tension of printing paper. The position of the compensating roller is determined either in a linear or rotational manner. Depending on the design of the machine, the recommended products are our magnetostrictive linear sensors (from the OMS2 series) for linear detection or our Hall-effect angle sensors (from the MAB22AH series) for rotational detection. Both sensor types support wear-free and dust-proof operation, making them highly durable. The rotary shaft encoders and displacement sensors are seated in a metal housing and thus comply with a high protection class. In addition, the robust sensor design means they are capable of withstanding numerous oscillating movements. The connectors of both sensors are also adapted to environmental requirements: The OMS2 series displacement sensors are equipped with a robust plug connector, and the MAB22AH series rotary shaft encoders are connected using a strain-relieved round cable.
All in all, the displacement and angle sensors are not susceptible to environmental stress. As such, they greatly contribute to smooth, reliable and long-lived system operation.


Our contribution to the application

  • Sensor technology with a long service life, thanks to robust design and a wear-free sensor principle
  • Sensors are not affected by environmental stress
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