MEGATRON automation solutions

In the material processing sector, the importance of automation continues to grow and the role of sensors is critical. One reason for this is the large number of sensors implemented in a typical application, and another is that the entire plant depends on the sensors’ reliability and durability in order to operate smoothly. In order to live up to this expectation, they must be able to withstand numerous stress factors that naturally occur in a production environment. Depending on the specific application, sensors may be exposed to fibrils or dust originating from paper, textiles or metals. Dirt-proof, robust sensor housings are imperative whenever sensors are used in automation scenarios. MEGATRON offers excellent products, as well as specialists who have knowledge of the specific requirements of the automation industry and can provide you with expert advice about choosing the right product.

Examples of typical applications:

  • 6D mouse for controlling human-robot collaboration
  • Rotary encoders for determining the angle and rotation in compensating rollers
  • Potentiometric linear sensors for providing feedback on slider and flap positions
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