S-Beam load cell KM500

Very compact S-Beam sensor with 500 N for integration in applications with confined space

Nominal Load: From 0..500 N
Output Signal: 2,0 mV/V
Output: Without Amplifier
Direction of Force: Tension and Compression
Design: S-Beam
Protection Class: IP54

The load cells of the KM500 series with M6 outer thread are specially designed for integration in applications with confined space. The force is introduced via the external thread. The sensor is very compact according to the S-Beam principle and available with a measuring range of 500 N. The force transducer is offered without amplifier electronics, but can be combined with external signal conditioning and display devices.

  • Outer thread serves at the same time for the force introduction of the compressive or tensile forces
  • Calibration including measurement data

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