Compact aluminium housing EUKAP FM

Compact aluminium housing in 15 variants and 3 standard lengths are also suitable for D-Sub connectors

  • Small aluminium enclosures for 1.6 / 1.8 mm PCB thickness
  • 3 external heights 16/20/24 mm
  • Standard lengths 50/80/100 mm
  • Board widths 21…67.5 mm
  • D-Sub connector compatible models
Data sheet
Height (outer) 20 mm, 24 mm, 16 mm
Width (outer) 71,5 mm, 55 mm, 41,3 mm, 69 mm, 33 mm
Standard lengths 100 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm
Material / Colour Aluminium natural anodised, Aluminium black anodised
The EUKAP FM series of small aluminium housings are designed for ... more
Product description: Compact aluminium housing EUKAP FM

The EUKAP FM series of small aluminium housings are designed for printed circuit boards with a max. 1.6 or 1.8 mm thick. The cases are available in 3 external heights 16/20/24 mm, standard lengths 50/80/100 mm and for board widths 21...67.5 mm. For the F3, F6, F10, F12 and F16 enclosures, D-sub connectors with the appropriate number of poles can be fitted directly without a front panel. The enclosures are supplied as a kit consisting of 2 profiles, 2 end plates and screws. The finish is anodized aluminium or black anodized aluminium.

There are many other customized solutions available for volume production, such as enclosure machining such as drilling, punching, milling, etc., and printing. Custom machining of end plates in other thicknesses or materials, and much more.

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