Aluminium Housing DIN-K

Aluminium housing DIN K

The aluminium electronics housings of the DIN K series are designed according to DIN IEC 61554: 2002-08

  • DIN aluminium housing
  • IEC 61554: 2002-08
  • 10 DIN sizes in 8 lengths
  • Black or natural anodized
Width (outer) 45 mm, 67 mm, 68 mm, 90 mm, 92 mm, 138 mm, 182 mm, 186 mm, 282 mm
Height (outer) 33 mm, 44 mm, 45 mm, 66 mm, 67 mm, 90 mm, 136 mm, 138 mm
Standard lengths 80 mm, 94 mm, 105 mm, 114 mm, 119 mm, 124 mm, 139 mm, 179 mm
Material / Colour Aluminium natural anodised, Aluminium black anodised
Product description: Aluminium housing DIN K

The housings are available in 10 different DIN sizes and different lengths. Depending on the type, grooves with max. 2 mm thickness are available for horizontal and vertical PCB mounting. The aluminium enclosures are supplied as a kit consisting of profile, front and rear frame including screws and mounting brackets. The surface of the housing is aluminium natural or black anodized (further optional). The plastic frames are in black. The protection class IP65 can be achieved by suitable seals. End and front panels are available in different materials / colours.

The aluminium housing as a kit includes:
Aluminium profile, mounting brackets, front and rear frames, screws for frame mounting.

For serial production, you get many other customer-specific solutions, such as:
Processing of the housings such as drilling, punching, milling etc. as well as printing, customer-specific colours according to customer requirements. Customized processing of end plates, other thicknesses and materials. Chromate the bare housing and plates and more.

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