Optoelectronic Encoder Series MOM18

Space-saving encoder with 18 mm housing with high angular resolution

The MOM18 is characterized by its high resolution of up to 1600 ppr. and by its compact housing. The pre-assembled connector allows an inexpensive and flexible mounting.

Resolution: 100..1600 ppr.
Protection class: Up to IP50
Sensor technology: Optical Encoder
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Incremental
Shaft diameter: 2,50 mm
Housing diameter: 18 mm
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Connection type: Single strands, Single strands with Hirose plug

  • Ø18 mm housing
  • Resolution up to 1600 ppr
  • 2 channels and index
  • Open collector and line driver output
  • Supply voltage 5 V (5..12V open collector)

Application example rotary encoders for medical technology solutions