Series HH19xxM Multiturn Hybrid Potentiometer

Multiturn hybrid potentiometer - applicable as sensor with high resolution

For applications which demand a high life time and low noise. Applicable in closed loop control systems.

Resolution: Almost infinite
Measurement range: Multiturn
Output signal: Analog
Protection class: Up to IP65
Sensor technology: Hybrid Potentiometer
Shaft diameter: 6,00 mm
Housing diameter: 22 mm
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Connection type: Solder tail

  • 22 mm housing diameter
  • 6 mm shaft diameter
  • Resistance value 1 kOhm to 100 kOhm
  • Linearity tolerance ±0,25% (±0,1%)
  • Optional multi ganged versions
  • Optional sealing ring in the bushing (IP65)