CANbus accessories

CANbus Accessories

Accessories for MEGATRON CAN rotary encoders with M12 connectors

  • Cables with M12 connectors from 0.5 m up to 10 m
  • T- and Y-pieces
  • Terminators with integrated 120 Ohm resistor

CANopen starter-kit with, includes:

  • PCAN-View USB-interface
  • Cables, T-/Y-pieces, terminators
  • Drivers/software on optical disc
Product description: CANbus Accessories

With CAN accessories from MEGATRON a CAN-Network structure can be build fast and secure, which works for many years trouble-free. The electrical parameters from the CAN network accessories are a perfect match for MEGATRON´s rotary encoders with CAN interface and ensure all time a reliable data transmission.

The CANopen starter kit essentially meets three requirements:

  1. Everything necessary is included to offer users a quick entry in the CANopen rotary encoder world
  2. Encoders can be parameterized to the needs of the application before they are installed
  3. The function of rotary encoders can be tested separately from the application

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