Linear sensors in drive technology

MBX ultra-flat linear sensor: The ideal feedback component for electrical drives in mobile seed processing machines

Actuator drives are used to control the precise dosing and distribution of seeds or fertilizer using seed processing machines. A sensor ensures the on-point positioning of the seed drive. It captures the longitudinal motion of the spindle nut and sends position feedback information. It also monitors the volume of seeds or fertilizer that is fed into the machine, depending on the vehicle’s speed. The extremely tight installation space beneath the drive spindle makes it very difficult to integrate a sensor with great precision. MEGATRON’s potentiometric linear sensor, which is part of the MBX product series, is one of the slimmest potentiometric linear sensors available on the market, making it ideally suited to this task. For a customer-specific application, MEGATRON also further optimized the drag contact actuator – which is used to determine the position on the potentiometric linear sensor – in order to make the solution even more compact. Linear drive positioning in applications with very limited installation space call for potentiometric linear sensors, which are part of MEGATRON’s MBX product series.

Our contribution to the application

  • The flattest linear sensor of its kind – perfect for applications with limited installation space
  • An optimized drag contact actuator helps to further save space
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