Sensors for Maritime


We offer a wide range of technical solutions for use in maritime environments. Whether on a luxury yacht, a cargo ship or an offshore oil rig, our products ensure optimum control and precision. Many of our sensors and joysticks are specifically designed for harsh environments, and all are built for durability and reliability.


Typical applications:

  • Joystick for yacht control, e.g. manoeuvring with transverse thrusters
  • Sine-cosine potentiometers for naval radars
  • Force sensors for weight measurement in shipyards
 Sensors for Maritime
Application examples

Maritime applications place particularly high demands on the design of the sensors used. In particular, corrosion protection plays an important role due to the aggressive seawater. In addition to robust encoders, MEGATRON also offers a variety of joysticks for a wide range of control tasks, from crane control in ports and shipyards to ship control itself.