MEGATRON - Your partner for sensors, industrial joysticks and electronic components

MEGATRON is a specialist for mechatronic components for more than 60 years. We offer a wide range of rotary potentiometers and encoders, linear sensors, load cells, precision resistors and industrial joysticks. Since 1979, with the brand ELPAC we are the competent partner for printed circuit board components and aluminium enclosures. With our ELPAC B2B Shop we focus on service and transparency. Here you will find all technical information, prices and availability for every single item.

Our products are deployed in a wide array of applications in virtually every sector of the processing and medical industries. We specialize in developing custom solutions and have the expertise gained from thousands of design-in projects. We are happy to advise you personally, on site if required.

Our Solutions

One of MEGATRON's specialities is the ability to customize almost any product in terms of function, design and mechanical and electrical interfaces - even for relatively small quantities. This is made possible by our wide range of variants, our modular product concepts and our flexible organization. This gives you a functional and economical solution for your existing or desired design. With MEGATRON, you reduce your costs and achieve short product development times. This gives you a further competitive advantage.

Depending on your requirements, we will process your enquiry as follows

Product selection

Our standard range includes over 450 series of displacement and angle sensors, precision potentiometers, force sensors, joysticks, electronic housings and PCB components. Nearly all relevant technologies are used. Our experts will be happy to advise you on selecting the optimum solution for your specific application.

Product customization

We specialize in customizing standard products. The result is a ready-to-install product tailored to your needs. Our experience from thousands of such projects enables us to carry out customization quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Product development

We are committed to delivering the best solution for our customers. When our current product range and customization options have been fully utilized, we develop and manufacture a new, suitable product either in-house or in partnership with one of our long-standing premium partners.

SpaceMouse in medical application
In Medical Application
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The future of robot navigation
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ETA25PM in drives
Programmable multiturn encoder
ETA25PM in the drive