wirewound resistor ASTRO5

Precision Resistor ASTRO5 - wirewound

Radial-wired resistor with wide resistance range of 0.01 Ω…1 MΩ and tolerance up to ±0.005%

  • Resistance range of 0.01 Ω...1 MΩ
  • Exact values up to 0.005% resistance tolerance
  • Temperature coefficient up to ±10ppm/°C
  • Very long-term stable ±100ppm/year
Technology Wirewound
Resistance Tolerance ±0,005%..±0,1%
Resistance Range 0,01Ω..1MΩ
Power Rating ≤ 0,5W
Temperature Coefficient ±10..±30 ppm/°C
Design Radial leaded
Max. Working Temperature +145 °C
Min. Working Temperature -55 °C
Product description: Precision Resistor ASTRO5 - wirewound

ASTRO5 precision resistors were developed for critical and demanding applications, which require a high precision and stable resistance value. Multi chamber (bifilar) windings secure a low inductance for these wirewound resistors. During the production process, the resistors are trimmed in a special ageing process, which increases the long term stability. Windings and the Epoxy coating are especially selected to guarantee the best temperature behaviour. Typical applications are measurement devices, laboratory instruments, but also current sensing or low power applications.

  • Resistance range of 0.01 Ω...1 MΩ
  • Exact values up to 0.005% resistance tolerance
  • Temperature coefficients up to ±10 ppm/°C (on request up to ±1ppm/°C)
  • Resistance sets up to ±0.001% and ±0.5 ppm/°C
  • On request, special lead wire bending
  • Very stable for a long time ±100 ppm/year (on request in a very stable version with ±20ppm/year)
  • On request with Balco or platinum connectors for high TC values
  • On request in very high or low TC configurations from -20ppm/°C to +6000ppm/°C


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