Rotary Potentiometer AL9

Miniaturized, economical and precise multi-turn rotary potentiometer for moderate operations

Electr. connection: Radial, Solder contacts
Sensor Technology: Potentiometer
Functions (push switch, adjustment knob...): With mech. end stop
Effective electrical angle of rotation: max. 3600°
Detent: Without detent
Protection Class: up to IP65
Resolution / Output signal: Absolute depends on resitance value
Housing depth: min. 25,5 mm

The AL9 series rotary potentiometers are designed for applications which requiring a miniaturized, economical and accurate multiturn potentiometer for moderate actuations.

The miniaturized 10-turn rotary potentiometers AL9 are preferably used as manual set-point adjusters. The resistance element offers a lifespan of over 200,000 revolutions. Please note the identical series AL10 (wirewound element ≥ 2 million) and AL11 (hybrid element ≥ 10 million), which were developed for applications with longer life characteristics.

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