Optical panel encoder SPM

Reliable panel encoder with increased torque provides superior feel and durability

  • Up to 1024 pulses / 360°
  • 2 channels + index
  • TTL or line driver output
  • Shaft side up to IP55M / IP66S
  • Installation depth 18.7 mm
  • Option connector with lock
  • Made in Germany
incrementalProtection class IP65
Data sheet
Sensor technology Optical Encoder
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Functions / Features Without mech. stop
Resolution max. 5000 ppr.
Output signal Incremental
Electrical connection Radial, Connector, Solder contacts
Protection class Up to IP55
Mounting Bushing
Shaft diameter 6.00 mm, 6.35 mm
Housing diameter 35 mm / 30 mm
Housing depth min. 18.7 mm
Actuating torque, shaft geometry and electrical connections can ... more
Product description: Optical panel encoder SPM

Actuating torque, shaft geometry and electrical connections can be customized.

For manual parameter setting, the panel encoder offers excellent haptic properties based on tightly tolerated mechanical components. The encoder detects angles without contact and has a high quality metal sleeve bearing with a life of over 100 million shaft movements.
Resolutions from 50 to 1024 ppr (up to 5000 on request) are available with TTL or line driver output signals. The panel encoder has an IP55 protection rating on the shaft side. Convenient electrical interface choices, such as solder/plug-in contacts (TTL), optional plug connection with locking (TTL or line driver), complete the profile. On request, the SPM can be customized ex-works with customer-specific shaft geometry, user-defined operating torque or special electrical connections. A tandem version with optical and electrical redundancy is available on request.

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