Optical panel encoder SPM for precise manual input of values

Reliable optical panel encoder with increased torque up to 1024 pulses and in IP55 on shaft side

Connection Method: Molex plug on sensor, Solder Pins
Sensor Technology: Optical
Push Switch: Without
Mechanical Stop: Without
Detent: Without
Protection Class: up to IP55
Electrical Interface: Incremental

The panel encoders of the series SPM are ideal for applications that require an optimal adaptability and a long lifespan.

The panel encoders of the series SPM with increased torque are characterized by their reliability and long lifespan of more than 100 million shaft movements. SPM panel encoders are particularly suitable for a precise manual input of values. The panel encoder sets angles contactless and uses a high quality metal sleeve bearing. Depending on the version, a resolution of 50..1024 pulses per revolution (360°) is available as TTL or Line Driver output signal. The encoder has protection class IP55 on the shaft side and is fastened by means of a central thread. A comfortable choice of electrical interfaces as standard, such as soldering / plug-in contacts (TTL), optional connector with lock (TTL or Linedriver), complete the profile.

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