Sensors for aerospace


Reliability is paramount in the aerospace industry. Given the critical importance of sensors to safety, careful selection of high-quality products is essential. Our sensors, precision resistors and industrial joysticks provide tailor-made solutions for demanding applications. These solutions are customized to the respective application and go beyond standard products.

Typical applications:

  • Multiturn potentiometer for seat adjustment in the passenger cabin of commercial aircraft
  • Multiturn potentiometer (up to 7-gang) for detecting brake pedal operation
  • Hall sensor to control automatic loading systems for correct load positioning in aircraft
  • 6-axis joystick for controlling drones (UAVs)
Sensors for aerospace

In the aerospace industry, a wide range of sensors, particularly potentiometers, play a vital role in providing accurate and reliable control and monitoring. They contribute to the safety and efficiency of flight operations. Angle and displacement sensors are used in aviation training and simulation systems to simulate the feel and response of real aircraft controls.