Oil-filled Potentiometers

In single and multiturn versions with conductive plastic, wirewound or hybrid resistance element

Oil-filled potentiometers are used when the environmental conditions are particularly harsh. These can be aggressive gases and salts or if humidity is a problem. The sealed housing achieves protection class IP65.

The respective resistive element determines the sensory properties with regard to lifespan, accuracy and measuring range. The oil used also has a stabilizing property with regard to the signal quality. The oil prevents or suppresses corrosion between the resistance element and the wiper.

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Wirewound potentiometer-oilfilled-OF30
Singleturn wirewound oil-filled potentiometer OF30
Oil-filled wirewound potentiometer in Ø32 mm housing with or without mechanical stop
  • Oil-filled potentiometer
  • Optional center tap
  • Optional with mech. stop @300°
Multiturn-Wirewound potentiometer-oilfilled-OF50
Multiturn wirewound oil-filled potentiometer OF50
Oil-filled and multigangable wirewound potentiometer in Ø62 mm housing with optional limit switch, rear shaft and mech. stop
  • Oil-filled potentiometer
  • Optional tandem version
  • Optional rear shaft
  • On request with limit switch
Wirewound potentiometer oilfilled OF5001
Singleturn wirewound oil-filled potentiometer OF5001
Oil-filled potentiometer in Ø62 mm housing with IP65, increased torque and high power rating (5W)
  • Oil-filled potentiometer in protection class IP65
  • High power rating (5W)
  • With or optional without endstops
  • Optional center tap
  • Optional tandem version
  • Optional rear shaft
Hybrid potentiometer-oilfilled-OFH
Multiturn hybrid potentiometer oil-filled OFH
Oil-filled and precise hybrid potentiometer OFH with long life span in Ø32 mm housing
  • Oil-filled potentiometer
  • Long lifespan
  • Optional center tap
Conductive Plastic potentiometer-oilfilled-OMCP
Oil-filled Conductiv Plastic Potentiometer OMCP
Oil-filled conductive plastic potentiometer in Ø32 mm housing with high durability
  • Oil-filled conductive plastic potentiometer
  • Very high lifespan
  • Optional center tap
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