Load cell - pancake KMC100

Load cells for working loads up to 300 kN with metric thread force transmission in 3 housing sizes from Ø105...141 x 37...57 mm

  • Measuring range 0…300 kN
  • Force transmission via metric thread
  • 3 housing sizes
  • Strain gauge
  • Steel alloy
  • Protection class IP66
DMS Wheatstone bridge circuit
Data sheet
Design Button Load Cell
Nominal Load 50 kN, 100 kN, 200 kN, 300 kN
Direction of Force Compression
Output Signal 3,0 mV/V
Protection Class IP66
Amplifier Without Amplifier
The KMC100 force transducers are easy to install load cells ... more
Product description: Load cell - pancake KMC100

The KMC100 force transducers are easy to install load cells (called pancakes or compression discs) with IP66 protection for forces up to 300 kN. The load cells are available in 3 versions depending on the load. The force is applied via 3 metric thread sizes (50 kN - M16, 100 kN and 200 kN - M32, 300 kN - M40). The load cell is made of steel and is protected against corrosion (nickel plated). Despite the high forces, the load cell has a low overall height. The sensor is supplied calibrated with a test report and has a 6-metre connection cable. The load cell is commonly used in presses, testing machines, truck scales and large container and hopper scales.

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