Load cell - pancake KMC100

Load cells for service loads up to 300 kN with force transmission via metric thread in 3 housing sizes from Ø105...141 x 37...57 mm

Nominal Load: 50kN, 100kN, 200kN, 300kN
Output Signal: 3,0 mV/V
Output: Without Amplifier
Direction of Force: Compression
Design: Button Load Cells
Protection Class: IP66

The KMC100 force transducers are easy-to-install load cells (called pancakes or compression discs) with IP66 protection for forces up to 300kN. The load cells are designed according to the load in 3 designs. Accordingly, the force is applied via 3 metric thread sizes (50kN - M16, 100kN and 200kN - M32, 300kN - M40). The measuring body is made of steel and protected against corrosion (nickel-plated). Despite the high forces, the force sensor has a low overall height. The sensor is delivered calibrated including measurement protocol and has a 6 meter long connection cable. The load cell is often used in presses, testing machines, truck scales and large container and hopper scales.

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