Load cell - pancake KMC230

Load cell for very high service load up to 500 kN with force transmission via metric thread in Ø234 x 60 mm housing

Nominal Load: 0..500 kN
Output Signal: 2,0 mV/V
Output: Without Amplifier
Direction of Force: Compression
Design: Button Load Cells
Protection Class: IP66

The KMC230 series of force transducers are easy-to-install load cells (called pancakes or compression discs) with IP66 protection for forces up to 500kN. The force is introduced via the M40 thread. The measuring body is made of steel and protected against corrosion (nickel-plated). Despite the high forces, the force sensor has a low overall height of 60 mm. The force transducer is delivered calibrated including measurement protocol and has a 6 meter long connection cable. The sensor is often used in presses, testing machines, truck scales and large container and hopper scales.

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