Rotary potentiometer MP11

Miniature rotary potentiometer in 13 mm housing

Electr. connection: Axial, Solder contacts
Sensor Technology: Potentiometer
Functions (push switch, adjustment knob...): With mech. end stop
Effective electrical angle of rotation: max. 300°
Detent: Without detent
Protection Class: IP40
Resolution / Output signal: Absolute nearly infinite
Housing depth: min. 10 mm

The MP11 rotary potentiometers in 13 mm housing are for applications in which a miniaturized sensor is important.

The rotary potentiometer MP11 with mechanical endstop and only Ø13 mm miniature housing is ideal for confined spaces. In addition, the sensor convinces with its lifespan due to the high-quality Comolded conductive plastic technology.

  • Miniature housing with Ø13 mm only
  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • With mechanical end stop (310°)


  • Center tap
  • Front shaft adjustment
  • Back shaft
  • Improved Linearity
  • Improved resistance tolerance

We offer many adaptations on request:
Front shaft sealing, sealed housing case, special electrical angles of rotation, and special resistance and linearity tolerances. Furthermore we can mount gear wheels or attach cable assemblies with or without connectors and much more. Please use our request form and describe your application, so we can determine the optimal product for your design-in.

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