Potentiometric linear transducer MBH

Potentiometric linear transducer in open and flat design with a space saving slider construction for 100 mm strokes. Waterproof sensor-foil element

Effective electrical travel: 100 mm
Mechanical position detection: Guided cursor
Sensor Technology: Potentiometric
Design: Open aluminium rail
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class: IP45
Electrical connection: Axial, Cable
Functions / Features:

The Series MBH is used in applications that need a hermetically sealed sensor element. The sensor technology is based on an encapsulated foil-potentiometer.

In the case of linear displacement sensor series MBH, the mechanical detection of the linear movement is carried out by a rail-guided slider, which presses with a defined force on the film potentiometer element. In the film potentiometer, the resistive track and the collector track  are printed on thin films which are opposite one another and are separated by a spacer. A punctiform contact between the resistance foil and the collector foil is produced by slightly compressing the foils. This results in the position-dependent output signal. Since the potentiometric measuring principle can be used without electronic signal calculation, the signal is available without any delay even after switching on and off. Due to the flat design and the absence of the push rod, the MBH can be integrated very space-saving. Customized adaptations with regard to special measuring lengths and cable assemblies are possible on request.

There are various applications for the linear potentiometer series MBH with environmental exposure to water and humidity, like filling level meters, adjustment of operation tables or position control of diagnostics or therapy appliances.

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