Hand Joystick Series TRY52

Multifunction handle: Compact and strong

The TRY52 offers everything a joystick for heavy-duty applications needs: High durability of all components, IP68 (depending on specific configuration), and an ergonomic handle design for the integration of further functional devices like e.g. switches, rockers, mini joysticks, trigger, deadman switch, and others.

Size: Hand Joystick
Technology: Hall Effect
Axes: 1 to 2
Return Mechanism: Spring Return
Interface: Analog, USB, CAN (J1939), Voltage Regulator
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 55 mm

  • 1 and 2 Axes
  • Up to 10 Millionen cycles under high loads
  • IP class up to 68
  • Multifunction handle for additional functions, e.g. Switches, Rockers,
  • Also available with USB- or CANbus-Interface

Application example joysticks in mobile machines

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