Finger Joystick Series 830

Unique joystick family for custom solutions with screwed shaft and handle

Size: Finger Joystick
Technology: Potentiometric
Axes: 2
Return Mechanism: Spring Return, Friction Clutch
Interface: Analog
Housing depth under panel: ≤ 36 mm

The series 830 is the solution for special applications where flexibility and space-saving properties of the mechanics are asked for

The joysticks of the series 830 are unique in the sales program of MEGATRON: The all-metal mechanism provides the finest feel, and despite the compact dimensions, the robust mechanics consists of two different shafts for the two axes. Thus, both the potentiometric sensors, as well as the return mechanism can be customized independent of each other. For example, on request one axis can be ordered with a weak spring return, while the other is realized with friction clutch.
The series 830 is based on a modular concept. The steel shaft is screwed together with the handle, which allows for flexible combinations of handle, shaft length and rubber cover. This offers the possibility to integrate custom-made handles, covers and shafts.

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