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Please note: These series are partially discontinued. We do no longer sell them actively and advise against a new design-in. For spare parts in some cases, it is possible to meet the demand, or we recommend a corresponding successor product. Joysticks, which we recommend for a new design-in, can be found here

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Fader Joystick XTBAR
Finger Joystick Series XTbar
Fader for constant operation forces - through lifetime
  • 1 axis
  • Sensitive response characteristics
  • Low signal noise
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Analog or PWM outputs
  • Precision ball bearing with PTFE guides
Hand joystick-892
Hand Joystick Series 892
Rocker switch providing third axis
  • Third axis with rocker switch in handle
  • For indoor use
Finger joystick-811
Switch Joystick Series 811
Enduring reliable switching

Product is no longer available. Successor product XTbar

Finger Joystick Series TRY11
Sensitive steering
Trackball series MBI
Trackballs MBI
Trackball Series MBK
Trackball series MBK
Panel - Desktop Trackball Series 816
Panel - Desktop Trackball Series 816
Keyboard Trackball Series MBT
Keyboard Trackball Series MBT
Foot pedal P82

This product is not recommended for new design in

Foot pedal P82
Foot pedal P82
Finger joystick TRY12
Finger Joystick Series TRY12
Robust finger-size joysticks
  • Up to teo pushbuttons integrated into handle
  • IP class up to 65 (on request)
  • Optional interfaces include USB and CAN (J1939)
Desktop Joystick Series MACHIII
MACHIII Desktopjoystick
Finger joystick TRY10
Finger Joystick Series TRY10
Industrial joystick with Hall sensors
  • several different handle versions, up to two pushbuttons
  • different output options available
Thumb Joystick 802
Thumb Joystick Series 802
Subminiature Joystick with minimal space requirement
Finger joystick 846
Finger Joystick Series 846
Ergonomics and technology up to date
  • Redundant dual output
  • IP class 67
  • Handle inserts in different colors
  • EMC and magnetically shielded
Finger joystick-845
Finger Joystick Series 845
Joysticks with inductive sensors
  • small installation depth
  • up to IP class 65 (above panel)
  • high lifetime
  • large selection of handles, some with pushbutton
Finger joystick 827
Finger Joystick Series 827
Joystick with various different switch options
  • potentiometer inside housing
  • IP class 54 (with rubber cover)
  • optional choices: Pushbutton, rubber cover
Finger joystick 825
Finger Joystick Series 825
Joystick with many different switch options
  • concave handle, potentiometers outside of housing
  • optionally with contactless sensors
  • IP class 54 (with rubber boot)
Finger joystick 824
Finger Joystick Series 824
Precise control for one or two axes
  • IP calsses 40 or IP 54 (above panel)
  • small dimension due to enclosed potentiometers
Finger joystick 822
Miniature Joystick Series 822
Precise control of three axes at small deflection angles
  • IP class 65 (above panel)
  • small size while high durability
  • small deflection angle of handle
Finger joystick-813
Finger Joystick Series 813
813 - Finger joystick
Finger joystick-806
Finger Joystick Series 806
For Remote Controls
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