Power resistor MAL

Power Resistor MAL - wirewound

50 watt power resistor in aluminium housing with very high temperature range of -55 °C…+275 °C

  • Power up to 50 watts with heat-sink
  • Resistance range from 0.01 Ω up to 250 kΩ
  • Resistance tolerance from ±0.01%
  • Standard TC from ±20ppm/°C
  • Sturdy aluminium housing
  • Low inductive winding (option)
  • Numerous connection variants
Technology Wirewound
Resistance Tolerance ±0,01%..±10%
Resistance Range 0.01Ω..250kΩ
Power Rating ≤ 50W @25°C
Temperature Coefficient ±20..±90 ppm/°C
Design Axial leaded
Max. Working Temperature +275 °C
Min. Working Temperature -55 °C
Product description: Power Resistor MAL - wirewound

The rugged wirewound resistor of the MAL series in an aluminium housing is a power resistor and can be loaded up to 50 Watt @25 °C (with heat sink not included). With the selection of the resistance range from 0.01 Ω to 250 kΩ, TC-value from ±20ppm/°C and wide resistance tolerance from ±0.01% to ±10% the wirewound resistor covers a wide range for applications. Additional options such as low-inductance winding or 4-pole Kelvin connections extend its range of applications to many more.
MAL resistors are used for current measurement as shunt resistors and as load resistors. This is precisely where high power consumption over a wide temperature range places high demands on resistance accuracy and tolerance. Typical applications are converter and inverter circuits, circuits for motor control and power supply units.

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