Power Resistor MAL - wirewound

250 watt power resistor @25°C in aluminum housing with very high temperature range of -55°C..+275°C and max. working voltage of 2200V

Technology: Wirewound
Design: Axial leaded
Power Rating: ≤ 250W @25°C
Resistance Range: 0,01Ω..250kΩ (Standard bis 86kΩ)
Resistance Tolerance: ±0,01%..±10%
Temperature Coefficient: ±20..±90 ppm/°C
Max. Working Temperature: +275°C
Min. Working Temperature: -55°C

The particularly sturdy power resistor MAL in aluminum housing is loadable up to 250 watts @25°C (with heat-sink - not included) and without heat-sink up to 100 watts @25°C. With its standard resistance range of 0.01Ω..86kΩ (≤ 250kΩ on request), TCR value from ±20ppm/°C and wide resistance tolerance of ±0,01%..± 0%, the resistor is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its numerous options such as low-inductance winding, connection options with 4-pin Kelvin connection or threaded flange as well as commercial versions expand its field by many more applications. MAL resistors are used for current sensing as a shunt resistor or as load resistors. They are suitable for harsh environmental conditions made for excellent power consumption behaviour in a spread temperature range with special demands to a good resistance and tolerance accuracy. Typical applications are power units, converter and inverter circuits and motor control circuits.

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